The Best Avast Free Antivirus Software 2017 Review

Avast Free Antivirus Software ReviewAre you searching for the best Avast Free Antivirus Software Review? Antivirus software has become a standard since we started connecting our computers to the Internet. It has led many users to assume that any antivirus software can protect their computers from malware.

It means that they no longer pay attention to the products they are using. Malware refers to software that’s designed to disable or damage your computer system or computer. What you should know is that the type of antivirus software you choose determines whether it can prevent malware and yourself from online threats.

It means you need to read online reviews of any antivirus software. One of the best software for dealing with malware is the Avast Free Antivirus Software. The reason is that it offers you several features that have many benefits. This Avast Free Antivirus Software Review looks at them in detail, their pros and cons and gives you its verdict.


Software Updater

  • One feature of the Avast Free Antivirus Software is its software updater. It enables your computer to analyze whether its applications need updates. The reason is that you need software that’s always scanning your computer for malware presence.
  • Keep in mind that hackers know some antivirus software need their users to carry out manual scanning. They, therefore, attack you with malware that appears as reminders.


Gaming Mode

  • The gaming mode feature ensures you enjoy your games and play videos without alerts and pop-ups disrupting you. That’s when using your personal computer PC.


Secure DNS

  • Another feature is its secure DNS. It enables you to prevent DNS hijacking. Keep in mind that this hijacking works by moving you from legitimate sites to fake ones.
  • For instance, you may think you are on your banking site while someone is stealing your passwords and pins. Avast prevents this.


Bootable Rescue CD

  • It has a bootable rescue CD. That ensures you can recover your computer if malware makes it way through the Avast Free Antivirus Software.


Avast’s Home Network Security Scanner

  • This feature checks your computer network for any malware presence. That prevents malware from infiltrating your system and causing damage.


Pros Of the Avast Free Antivirus Software


During this review, we found this antivirus software to have several benefits. They include:

  • Avast Free Antivirus Software differentiates between malware threats and legitimate websites. That means you can use it when accessing sites without worrying about attacks.
  • Another of its pros is that it scans all incoming emails, compressed files and instant messages. It removes any threats before they come to your computer. Avast’s home network security scanner also warns you about weak Wi-Fi passwords and if your router still has its default password.
  • If you have a Windows 7 Computer, Avast Antivirus Software is ideal for you. The reason is that it protects it against malicious viruses and software.
  • It offers you 24/7 customer care and email support. That means if you encounter problems, you can contact them for assistance. You can use its user support if you encounter problems or online knowledge base for common problems and their solutions.
  • In our usability test on this antivirus software, it identified and blocked almost 23500 threats.
  • I enjoyed viewing videos, playing computer games and browsing the Internet. That’s without distractions and pop-ups. The reason was its gaming mode feature.
  • We found that it extends its protection to your home network, which prevents malware from hijacking your browser.
  • It detects out of date applications that make your computer vulnerable.
  • You can use it for protecting your Android mobile devices against malware attacks.
  • If you forget to update your software, Avast’s software updater ensures that your security is improved.


Cons Of the Avast Free Antivirus Software

  • It doesn’t protect you against ransomware. These are threats that make your computer hostage. It means you can’t access it until you pay their creator ransom money. However, many antiviruses haven’t figured out how to deal with ransomware.
  • It also doesn’t have live chat support.



The above Avast Free Antivirus Software Review shows it’s good for detecting malware. It checks whether your incoming traffic is genuine or not. You can also use its 24/7 telephone line services. On the average test evaluations, it scored well, which means that Avast lives up to its reputation as a leading Antivirus Software developer.

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