Avast Channel Partners Provide Top Security Predictions for 2018

Avast Review SMB security took center stage this season because the threat landscape ongoing to provide new surprises for businesses. IT service providers were challenged to figure out ways to reply rapidly and price-effectively to an array of security needs for any diverse mixture of customers and limited budgets.

Heading into 2018, we don’t see this out altering. Business customers continuously use funnel partners for security support and individuals that may respond effectively for their needs, is going to be best positioned for achievement. We feel that to continue being relevant within this altering market, security should be a core aspect in today’s service portfolio.

Avast Channel Partners
Avast Channel Partners

We’re not by yourself here. Channele2e lately requested Ingram CEO Alain Monié about 2018 and partner investment, where he’d invest his attention. Security was top on his list.

We requested a couple of in our funnel partners to talk about their top security predictions for 2018.

Avast Channel Partners Provide Top Security Predictions for 2018

John Quatto, Zobrio

  • We will see increased spending on security as well as increased regulation and compliance as cybercrime and data breaches present bigger liabilities for businesses and organizations. For example, our Zobrio local government clients are frequently asking us to meet directly with their insurance and risk management providers to ensure they have the best security protection in place.
  • Managed services will continue to grow. Clients will rely on IT and security experts to fully manage their IT or supplement their teams.
  • Solution consolidation will continue as channel partners like us look to reduce the number of solutions and vendors we work with to drive greater efficiencies. The channel will look for quality vendor partners that have multiple and effective solutions under one umbrella.

Bob Ascherl, Advanced Technology Services

  • I think we will see an increase in the innovation of ransomware threats with a focus on softer targets like youth and education sectors.

Phil Long, TechSolvers Ltd

  • GDPR is going to have a big impact on UK businesses. We’re already getting requests from our TechSolvers clients for specific services such as email encryption to prepare for this. For IT companies, this will also present another big challenge to manage. We are all waiting to see what will be ratified and signed, what this will look like, and what the requirements will be.
  • Security patching will continue to be the way forward and we see this as half the battle for the IT guy.

Charles Adney, RSM US LLP

  • Signature-based antivirus/anti-malware software will continue to be less and less useful in protecting against the latest zero-day exploits and crypto-malware.
  • Malicious actors will continue to target the SMB space for ransom.

Erik Hanson, TecNet Canada

  • Crypto will continue to get worse with the spike in the value of Bitcoins.

Eric Gorman, Integrated Enterprise Solutions, Inc.

  • I think we are on the cusp of MSSP for small businesses. We have to be given today’s cybersecurity threat. I would predict that there will be an increase in affordable MSSP solutions for SMBs.

Chris Bogan, Mark III Systems

  • Security solutions will be even more user-friendly and this will also drive efficiencies for the channel in proactively securing businesses.

Timothy J. Ollewagen, Silver Software Distribution

  • Threats in 2018 will change in terms of their scale, taking the same amount of effort to hack a hundred people as it would for one hundred million. The bad guys aren’t necessarily innovating, they’re scaling.  The scary reality is this goes beyond invasion of privacy or monetary loss as we could face the very real risk of loss of life if national transport networks, traffic lights, medical equipment in hospitals – all generally controlled by computers – are attacked.
  • Insurance companies will become a positive catalyst for companies adopting better network security practices. We will expect to see more companies taking up cyber insurance due to their lack of expertise and increasingly severe financial implications of cyberattacks, especially ransomware attacks which are rising exponentially. Insurance companies will also provide financial incentives for security improvements.

Luke Walling, Network Security Group

  • No organization is too small to be the target of a ransomware attack; expect the unexpected and take a multi-layered security approach that includes best-of-breed endpoint solutions and more.
  • Phishing schemes will get increasingly more advanced going beyond the W-2 CEO spoofing tricks of 2016 and 2017.
  • With the ever-rocketing price of electronic currencies like Bitcoin, expect more malware to be delivered that turns your business network devices into coin-mining machines silently without your knowledge.

As we view with the great work in our partner community this year, the channel is within an excellent position to increase their expertise to assist their SMB clients navigate tomorrow’s security landscape.

Take time to set your business up for security success and become the reliable advisors your customers need in 2018. You’ll drive value, strengthen client relationships, and make solid partnerships.

For more information about how to start prioritizing security in your services portfolio, download our white paper here.   Or download a free trial of our Avast Business Managed Workplace or CloudCare solution today.

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